So you've heard about Spyware, you may have heard how dangerous it is, so how do you go about detecting it?

Is someone watching you?

This might sound a bit alarmist but it is true, with modern spyware there could be someone watching everything you do whilst online. It's not quite as bad as it sounds, they can't see you or hear you. Unless you have a webcam of course, spyware can however see what keys you are pressing, what sites you are visiting. Quite scary when you think, when was the last time you logged into you email, when was the last time you bought something online, worse when was the last time you logged onto you bank account online.


Now logging onto your bank account might seem fairly innocent, surely the banks website is secure. Well the truth is it is, the banks invest an awful lot in online security. The problem doesn't lie with the big expensive servers that the banks software runs on, the problem lies with the box that is in front of you now.

If you have spyware that is monitoring your keystrokes and transmitting them to a remote server. It is very easy for someone to log into your bank account, the bank won't realise, as from their point of view it is you that is logging in, after all they know your passwords they know you secret word and your user name and login as normal.

Scary thought!

There is help though, all is not lost there is a lot you can do and a lot of it won't even cost you a penny.

This site is here to help explore what can and cannot be done to improve your security online, find reviews of Spyware removal tools.

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